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Introduction to Nurture Nursing

We are the first independent nursing consultancy in the UK to support clinical services, companies and academic institutions working with cannabis based medicinal products (CBMPs) and psychedelics. Through our extensive experience in the practical application of these compounds and connections with international organisations in the field we aim to provide expert advice to ensure that your projects succeed.

As a cannabis based medicines nursing consultancy, we have three main goals.

To highlight the importance of involving nurses in this sector in the UK and the value in the wide-ranging skill sets of nurses.

To empower nurses to feel confident in entering the sector through training and recruitment.

To ensure that thorough nursing services in the medical cannabis sector are established with patient care as the central pillar.

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Mission Statement

At Nurture Nursing we are passionate about highlighting the highly complex and transferable skill sets of our profession. We believe that by involving nurses at all levels of a commercial business or clinical service, we can ensure that the services are built with patients at their centre.




Consultancy Services

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We provide a cannabis based medicines consultancy for commercial businesses, nursing groups and academic institutions looking to aid patients who are prescribed CBMPs or participating in psychedelic research studies. We also provide our advice and expertise to manufacturers and producers of medicinal products, to both help find practical applications for them and advise on missing gaps in current UK formularies.


Project Management

Nurture Nursing are highly experienced in project management in both clinical and commercial settings. We understand that teams require clear and concise instruction to perform their roles well and achieve their goals.  This is a challenge when it comes to navigating an area as complex as clinical cannabis and psychedelics research or the delivery of care relating to prescribed CBMPs.  This is where the expertise of Nurture Nursing can be a significant asset to your project.



Nurture Nursing offers multiple training packages to support nurses which are tailored to their current skill and knowledge level in the area of CBMPs in clinical practice or psychoactive substances in research.  These packages can be delivered online or in person dependent on client needs. 

Nurture Nursing can also provide short term supervision services for nursing staff new to these unique areas of practice.

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At Nurture Nursing we believe in the wide ranging specialist skill sets of our nurses. We know how transferable these skills are and that employing nurses at all levels of your organisation will ensure the set up of more efficient systems and a focus on patient care. Nurture Nursing recruit and train nurses from an array of backgrounds into new roles working with cannabis medicines and psychedelic research.






Nurture Nursing are specialist recruiters of nurses with specific skill-sets and expertise. For medical consultants, specialist nurses are very much like gold-dust, and nurses who are trained and skilled in this new field are very difficult to find and recruit. We act as an agency for nurses skilled in caring for patients prescribed CBMPs.

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 Why Choose Nurture Nursing?

Nurture Nursing is the first nursing-focussed cannabis based medicines consultancy in the UK. We support commercial companies to build patient-centred businesses in the innovative sector of CBMPs and psychedelic research.

Our directors have over 20 years of experience between them in this unique industry and decades of experience working in the UK medical field. We have extensive experience working in:

We work with both UK-based and international organisations, ensuring that our knowledge relating to both CBMPs industry and Clinical Research into pioneering therapies worldwide is always current.

Along with CBMPs, we are also involved with nursing practices concerning patients being administered psychedelics, which is still very much in its infancy as a potential treatment pathway. By working alongside these innovative new fields in medicine, we aim to ensure patients receive the best possible care, and that these practices are not marginalised in healthcare.

We look forward to being able to help you bring your innovative ideas to life.




Contact our team to speak to us directly about how we can help you.

We offer a free initial consultation of 30 minutes. Get in touch with our cannabis based medicines consultancy through our contact form and one of our Nurture Nursing team will contact you directly.

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